The company

ArkaSoft designs and develops systems and services that tackle real business challenges for our clients through innovation and deep industry knowledge.


A way to overcome current challenges is through collaboration, beneficial cooperation to augment creativity, experience and resources, with right and left brain thinkers, that can help you arrive at a solution in less time.

Best Engineering Practices

One approach to found a solution in a problem is to analyze the problem with respect to good engineering practices. You start by identifying which are good practices in some area and then apply them and discover the extent of these practices.

Advanced Technology

ArkaSoft improved productivity and profitability through the continuously search of new services and innovative IT solutions.


Innovation creates great new products that our customers love. On the other hand innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization, so innovation is both vital for us and our customers!

Some facts

Our numbers speak for themselves!

engagement fee

months/project on average


years of Experience

What we do

We can do everything that our customers desires and we do it using our knowledge gathered from the various projects we took part and with our honed skills providing the best possible solution to our customers.


We apply our knowledge and experience to help businesses transform and thrive in a dynamic world with the constantly changes in technology. Our goal is to ensure your success and be part of it! .

Cloud Computing Technologies

if you are looking for expertise in cloud computing technologies, then we are here for you to help you and let you focus on what is crucial for your company without the hassle of hardware and software.

Website Design & Development

Design and develop websites that fullfill our customers demands providing scalability, flexibility and quality. Furtheremore, with the help of several tools we deliver optimized,fast and responsive websites

Android and iOS Application Design & Development

We create unique, user-friendly apps for our customers and more importantly, customized, based on their requirements. Our approach allows us to scale quickly to match your growth both in the short-term and in the long-term.

Our Team

Roger Goudarzi
Software Engineer

Kostakis Bouzoukas
Software Engineer

George Georgopoulos
Software Engineer

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